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A Brief History of Maldon Salt’s Origin

Historic photo of Osbourne family harvesting Maldon salt with salt rakes

Maldon Salt and it’s Rich History

Maldon Salt’s twisting shorelines of Essex have been alive with salt making for almost a thousand years, since the time when salt was worth its weight in gold! With records of salt making in Maldon dating back to the Doomsday survey, it was this local heritage that would finally give birth to the beloved Maldon Salt Company, where the art of salt making was practised since 1882.

Here we want to deep dive into the roots of Maldon Salt, looking into the past in where and why Maldon Salt was born, our proudest moments throughout the decades, and of course what the future will look like for Maldon.

Why is it Called Maldon Salt?

Although the area is not so easy to spot on the world map, Maldon Salt is a family founded business situated in Maldon, Essex and is still run by the same four generation family to this day.  The Osborne family have run the business for over a century since 1882 by James Osborne and his son Cyril, following on with grandson Clive, and now great grandson Steve, who is following in James’ footsteps to nurture the brand that we know and love today.

These days it’s rare to find a family-grown business that’s still family run, especially for almost a century! That’s a long time and a lot of salt for a family that’s both custodians of ancient culinary tradition and creators of a globally recognised brand!

High Tide

Where Does Maldon Salt Come From?

The clue is in the name! Maldon Salt is hand harvested and produced in the little English village of Maldon, located in the country of Essex. The town itself has a strong maritime history where St. Mary’s Church near the Hythe Quay is known locally to Maldon as the mariner’s church to aid sailors whilst navigating the rivers.

On the subject of rivers, Maldon Salt was created through the Blackwater Estuary River. This is where Maldon would harvest the salt through the ‘Spring Tide’ saltwater and create the unique pyramid-shaped flakes through time-honoured techniques and the appreciated art of temperature and timing. Head over to our YouTube channel to learn more about where Maldon Salt comes from.

Notable Moments in our History

As we share the light on how our salt flakes are formed, this process is what has caused Maldon Salt to be renowned and loved by the world over.

This year we celebrate 140 years of craftmanship! Delighted to celebrate this milestone, Maldon unveiled their limited edition 140th Anniversary 250g Pack which is available in retailers nationwide. Featuring a striking golden ‘140 years of craftmanship’ logo, it is a must-have for many millions of loyal fans who want to join in with the commemoration. You can read about the 140th limited-edition pack here!

On the topic of celebrations, whilst the Queen also celebrated her Platinum Jubilee this year, did you know that Clive Osborne delivered a case of our finest salt to her Silver Jubilee! Then in 2010, Her Majesty was welcomed to the salt works in Maldon, where two years shortly after Maldon Salt was granted a Royal Warrant as the official purveyors of sea salt…talk about grand celebrations!

Not only are we current Royal Warrant holders with Her Majesty the Queen, we also hold a rich history of exporting our famous flaked salt since 1950s, now supplying to around 45 countries around the globe.

Why is Maldon Salt Well Known?

Our unique pyramid flakes are a trademark for Maldon, recognised and loved by the world over. As the finest of sea salts, our flakes have a unique taste and a luxurious quality where they release their saltiness with sweet precision, a fresh intensity and clean taste. This is why Maldon is used and loved by chefs and foodies from around the world.

Not to forget Maldon Salt compliments every dish, as it brings out the sweetness in desserts and complements the hidden savoury notes. Head over to our recipes, blog and tips page to learn how versatile Maldon Salt really easy, from salt rimming cocktails to salt baking sea basses!

Glasses of Christmas cocktail with blood orange, grapefruit and vodka

The Future of Maldon Salt

Whilst embracing our rich history, we are always looking forward. Our vision is to inspire chefs, home cooks and foodies to enjoy Maldon salt every day, taking the simple to the extraordinary in every recipe. Keep your eyes poised on Maldon as we have very exciting plans to share with our beloved foodies in the upcoming months… we can’t wait for you to ‘sea‘ with your very own eyes!

As a brand we continue to seek ways to lessen our footprint, and therefore we are currently working on a five-year plan to both increase the sustainability of our packaging. Additionally, Maldon Salt will be supporting the World Land Trust and the admirable work they do to protect threatened habitats and wildlife.

Make sure to have a browse through our other pages, including where you can purchase our Maldon Salt Range. Still wanting to find out more about us? Do you have some ideas you’d like to share? Please email us on and keep up to date via social media @maldonsalt.

Maldon salt marsh aerial view
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