By Alannah Wiseman | Spring 2021

A brief history of Maldon Salt

Historic photo of Osbourne family harvesting Maldon salt with salt rakes

Maldon’s twisting shorelines have been alive with the art of salt making for almost a thousand years, since the time when salt was worth its weight in gold.

For four generations Maldon Salt have been hand-harvesting our famous pyramid-shaped flakes, using the same simple, time-honoured techniques.

These days, it‘s rare to find a family-grown business that‘s still family run. Today sees Steve Osborne at the helm, following in the footsteps of his father Clive, grandfather Cyril and great grandfather James.

The Osborne family have ran the family business for almost a century, that‘s a long time and a lot of salt for a family that’s both custodians of an ancient culinary tradition and creators of a globally recognised brand.

We began exporting our products around the world in the 1950’s and now supply over 60 countries worldwide.

 In 2010, we welcomed Her Majesty the Queen to our salt works in Maldon. Two years later, we were granted a Royal Warrant as official purveyors of sea salt.

Whilst, embracing our rich history, we are always looking forward. Our vision is to inspire chefs, home cooks and foodies to enjoy Maldon salt every day, taking the simple to the extraordinary.

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