Check out our premium sea salt flakes in action, in some of these stunning recipes created by us and friends of Maldon.

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Steve and Clive Osbourne at Maldon salt marsh

A Guide to Sea Salt: How it’s Made and Where it Comes From

Let’s get to know all about salt! Salt production is one of the oldest practises dating as far back to 6,000 BC. Used...

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Sweetcorn Fritters

Libby Silbermann’s Spicy Sweetcorn, Courgette, and Feta Fritters Topped with a Crispy Fried Egg and Zhoug Butter

Sweetcorn is sweet and nutty and one of my favourite vegetables. You can’t go wrong with a buttery corn on the cob in...

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Gen Taylor

Genevieve Taylor’s Reverse Seared Ribeye with Walnut & Tarragon Pesto, Tomato Salad, Plus Top Tips for Dry Brining and Cooking Steaks!

Start this recipe the day before you want to eat as the steak needs overnight brining. Up to 24 hours ahead is fine....

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Charred Broccoli with Chilli Buttered Almonds

Joe Woodhouse’s Charred Broccoli with Chilli Buttered Almonds 

Buttery chilli roasted nuts dressed broccoli…I mean, it sounds as good as it tastes! The crunchy almonds and well-cooked broccoli are a perfect...

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Anspatch and Hobday

In Collaboration with Anspach & Hobday

We’re delighted to have partnered with South London based brewery, Anspach & Hobday for a unique collaboration in celebration of our 140th birthday....

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Cauliflower July

Libby Silbermann’s Cauliflower and halloumi koftas on flatbreads with creamy herbed yoghurt, pickled red cabbage, mint, pomegranate molasses and seeds

Cauliflower is a wonderfully versatile vegetable, which often gets overlooked in my opinion. It has a delicate earthiness to it which marries really...

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Green Potatoes

Olia Hercules Green Potatoes

Whether you use a pestle and mortar in this recipe or a hand blender – Maldon Salt flakes will help grind down the...

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Spatchcock chicken and green potatoes

Olia Hercules’ Charred Spatchcock Chicken with Paprika Kefir Marinade

Squashing the chicken with a weight while cooked on a plancha or a cast iron pan is a Georgian technique, yet basting it...

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Pork and Apple Kebabs

Genevieve Taylor’s Pork, Apple & Mustard Kebabs

Pork and apple is a classic combination. Any variety of sharp apple will do here, but the red ones add a beautiful splash...

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Green Bean Fritters with Chilli Mayo

Joe Woodhouse’s Green Bean Fritters with Chilli Mayo

Dredging clumps of crispy green beans through chilli sauce spiced mayonnaise is rather a wonderful way to eat. This pairs well with a...

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Asparagus June

Libby Silbermann’s Asparagus, pea and pistachio creamy orzo with pecorino and lemon sourdough Pangrattato

This is the perfect time for asparagus, and we grow some of the best here in the UK. This creamy orzo dish is...

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The Dusty Knuckle Cover

Get Baking with The Dusty Knuckle

The Dusty Knuckle is East London’s favourite bakery and café with being experts in creating seriously good bread, knockout sandwiches and everything in...

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