Check out our premium sea salt flakes in action, in some of these stunning recipes created by us and friends of Maldon.

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Salty dog with Tanqueray

Salty Dog

A salty dog is known to date back to the 1920s and consists of salt, gin and grapefruit juice – if you omit...

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Beetroot risotto

Creamy Beetroot Risotto with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

This risotto is a wonderful combination of earthy beetroot, salty blue cheese and nutty walnuts. The beetroot dyes the whole dish a beautiful...

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Fig and honey cheesecake

Fig, Honey and Yoghurt Cheesecake with Thyme

A cheesecake which celebrates the beautiful fresh figs in season at this time of year. Using yoghurt in the filling makes it creamy...

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Rosemary paloma

Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary Paloma

A paloma consists of grapefruit juice, tequila and lime. This one has the addition of Rosemary Syrup which adds a beautiful freshness to...

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Lemon chilton with ketelone vodka

Blueberry and Lemon Chilton

The Chilton is a cocktail originating from Texas. It is incredibly refreshing, especially on a hot day, and is so simple with just...

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Mango jalapeno margarita

Spicy Mango and Jalapeño Margarita

A Spicy margarita, or picante, is very popular. This recipe uses mango and jalapeno to create the perfect spicy and sweet balance –...

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Bloody mary with smoked salt

Bloody Mary with Smoked Salt

A classic Bloody Mary recipe made even better with Maldon’s smoked salt. Start by preparing the glasses with a smoked salt rim. Take...

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Salted caramel espresso martini with macarons

Coffee Macaroons

Macaroons are considered dainty and beautiful treats and are surprisingly simple to make too. These delicious coffee ones have sweet almondy shells which...

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Salted caramel espresso martini with macarons

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

Salted caramel works beautifully in this take on a classic espresso martini. Delicious served after dinner alongside Coffee Macaroons. Mix together the hot...

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Hibiscus Pisco sour

Hibiscus Pisco Sour

This recipe demonstrates just how simple it is to make flavoured sugar syrups at home – it is worth the extra effort for...

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Pineapple sour

Alcohol Free Pineapple Amaretto Sour

You will not miss the Amaretto in this alcohol-free variety! The combination of pineapple and almond extract tastes very similar to the original...

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Non alcoholic watermelon cocktail

Alcohol Free Watermelon and Basil Mojito

This is a refreshing alcohol free mocktail which is bursting full of Summer flavours – the watermelon and basil is a fresh tasting...

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