Spring 2023

A.D.I.P’s French Omelette

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3 eggs

1 tbsp chives (Jesse's preference)

1 tbsp butter

A pinch of Maldon Salt


Who say’s you can’t have breakfast for dinner? The talented Jesse Jenkins, (Another Day in Paradise) created a delicious French omelette using simple ingredients and techniques, made better by a pinch of Maldon Salt.

A French omelette is served with light fillings and folded tightly with a fluffy soft interior. On the other hand, an American omelette is much thicker and crispier in texture, served with often heavier fillings.

  1. One of the only dishes Jesse’s uses a non-stick pan for. If you have the skills, of course, can do it with a carbon steel or cast iron but it’s trickier to get a soft exterior – the pan needs to be well seasoned and pretty much only used to make eggs.
  2. Add butter to a non-stick pan on medium heat. Pour in the egg mixture and whisk constantly.  When it looks like wet scrambled eggs – stop whisking and give it all a nudge into the top of the pan. Fold it from the bottom, then the sides, and finally give the handle a few light taps – when you see the edge of the omelette come over the lip of the pan, fold it over doing your best to make an almond shape. 
  3. Flip the omelette out onto a plate bottom side up. Garnish with some extra herbs and a little pinch Maldon Salt. Jesse loves serving his with a simple salad (and usually has a dollop of mayo next to it).
  4. A final note is that you shouldn’t really use a metal fork with non-stick pans as Jesse does here – Jesse learned it from a few chefs who did it this way. Ideally, you scramble the eggs while trying to keep the fork from hitting the pan. A plastic fork works too.
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