Summer 2023

Seafood BBQ

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Serving: 6

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

A spectacular seafood feast featuring Maldon Sea Salt


1 lobster, halved

12 prawns

12 half shell scallops

2 blue swimmer crabs

2 cups fermented tomato juice (from fermented tomato recipe)

1 bunch herbs (rosemary, lemon myrtle, thyme)

3 lemons

12 oysters, shucked


Using the flavoursome brine from his Fermented Tomato recipe, Guy Turland has created a spectacular seafood feast featuring Maldon Sea Salt!

1. Preheat your BBQ for 15 minutes prior to cooking.

2. Place down your lobster, prawns, scallops and crab, drizzle a small amount of olive oil and season with a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt.

3. Dunk your herb bunch into the fermented tomato juice and brush your seafood every 4-5 minutes as it cooks.

4. Once your seafood is cooked to your liking, serve on a platter with your choice of dipping sauces, some fermented tomatoes and a side of Maldon Sea Salt.

5. Serve your shucked oysters on rock salt with one fermented tomato, some fermenting juice and fresh lemon.

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