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Check out our premium sea salt flakes in action, in some of these stunning recipes created by us and friends of Maldon.

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A spectacular seafood feast featuring Maldon Sea Salt

Seafood BBQ

Using the flavoursome brine from his Fermented Tomato recipe, Guy Turland has created a spectacular seafood feast featuring Maldon Sea Salt! 1. Preheat...

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Fermented cherry tomatoes sitting on freshly shucked oysters.

Fermented Tomatoes

Also known as Champagne Tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes are fermented in a brine with Maldon Sea Salt. They add an incredible burst of...

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Yoghurt and vincotto marinated lamb chops

Yoghurt & Vincotto Marinated Lamb Chops

A summer feast fit for a King. These yoghurt and vincotto marinated lamb chops are served with pickled shallots, mint yogurt and pita....

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BBQ Chat Potato Salad with Whipped Feta

BBQ Chat Potato Salad & Whipped Fetta

The perfect side to your summer feast. This BBQ chat potato salad with whipped feta and roasted pepper salsa is packed full of...

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A pan of chicken risoni, photographer overhead, sitting upon a green floral tablecloth with 2 glasses of red wine.

Greek Chicken & Risoni

The definition of comfort food. Aromas of tomato, cinnamon and sweet paprika will fill your kitchen as you whip up our Greek Chicken...

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A steak sandwich cut in half, stacked up on a plate on a dinner table with Maldon Smoked Salt.

Steak Sandwich with Caper & Tarragon Mayo

A simple, yet indulgent, steak sandwich perfect for long lazy weekends or a weeknight treat. The secret is a flavour-packed caper and tarragon...

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A flatbread topped with cheese and chilli sitting on a picnic table with a glass of red wine.

Lemon & Dill Yoghurt Flatbread

These moreish lemon and dill yoghurt flatbreads are topped with creamy havarti cheese and fermented chilli, but feel free to top yours with...

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Christmas ham

Rum Spiced Roast Ham

This is a recipe for a delicious Rum spiced Ham, perfect for the festive period – this could be served on Christmas eve...

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Christmas Porchetta

Rolled Porchetta with Pistachios, Fennel and Lemon

Porchetta makes a wonderful alternative to Turkey for your festive centrepiece. Porchetta originates from Italy and is a rolled joint of pork belly...

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Spiced Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

These sweet festive cookies are a wonderful treat to gift to friends and are great fun to make with children. They are spiced...

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BBQ Prawns, Lobster and Crayfish with Herb Butter & Siracha Mayonnaise

Lobster, prawns and crayfish are often considered delicacies for a special occasion, so this BBQ recipe with smoky siracha mayonnaise and herbed butter...

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Clementine and Cardamom Christmas Trifle with Amaretto and Pistachio

This recipe takes the traditional trifle but gives it a Christmassy twist with additions of clementine’s, cardamom, amaretto and pistachio. Not only does...

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