Summer 2021

Maldon Salt brand refresh!

We’ve been hand-harvesting our famous pyramid-shaped flakes, using the same time honoured techniques for four generations. During that time our flakes have remained
constant, though the packaging it sits in has evolved over the years. 

We’re excited to be able to reveal to you our new look and feel, designed to be pride of place on your kitchen counter!

The Osborne family are the custodians of this ancient culinary tradition and creators of what is now a globally recognised brand, loved by chefs the world over.
Steve Osborne, our Managing Director, speaking about the packaging evolution said: “Heritage is important to us, so the new packaging design had to respect our past whilst also embrace the future. The striking new look and feel will ensure we stand out on shelf, inspire new audiences and retain pride of place on dining tables across the globe.”

We’ve found that many home cooks acknowledge that they have more to learn about
seasoning; people want to understand different salt types and are not sure which salt goes best with which ingredients. Lockdown has also inspired and enabled many of us to
develop our cooking skills. We want to encourage you to expand your seasoning knowledge, inspire you to create extraordinary dishes and seize the seasoning using Maldon Salt!

To coincide with the relaunch, we are proud to announce that with every box produced we will be supporting the World Land Trust and the fantastic work they do to protect
threatened habitats and wildlife. All of our cardboard boxes are being made using carbon balanced carton.

Our new packaging was created with award-winning agency Big Fish, Perry Haydn
Taylor, Creative Director, Big Fish says: “The aim of this new design was to bring it into
everyday lives and get people to season their food more. And, to ‘Seize the Seasoning’ you need to be able to ’see’ the seasoning, so we hope that the new louder and prouder packaging will do just that. Making the brand more accessible and something that people will proudly display on their kitchen tables will certainly help to increase usage too.”

Make sure to keep an eye out in your local store in the coming weeks and it will be rolling out in countries around the world in coming months.

Seize the seasoning! Tag us on social media with your new packs and recipe creations!

Want to find out more? Please email us on and keep up to date via social media @maldonsalt

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