By Alannah Wiseman | Spring 2021

Q&A with Adam Byatt of Trinity Restaurant London

As part of our Seasoned Pros campaign we caught up with Adam Byatt, restauranteur and owner of Michelin star restaurant Trinity Clapham.

We find out how he started his career at Claridge’s Hotel, what he can’t be without in the kitchen plus his favourite afternoon tea at Brown’s Hotel.

When did you know you wanted to be a chef?

I left school at the age of fifteen to join an apprenticeship at Claridges Hotel.  I had wanted to become a policeman but was vertically challenged at the time.  I loved cooking and this opportunity was too good to miss.  I fell in love with the role of being a chef on the job.  I certainly didn’t start out as one.

Top 3 things you can’t be without in the kitchen?

Equipment wise, it has to be my beloved knives, great saucepans and a solid large chopping board.  I can make most things taste great with those.

In terms of ingredients, my store cupboard is never short on great olive oil, salt – good quality pure sea salt and yes I do use Maldon exclusively – and anchovies.  More food becomes delicious with these wonderful ingredients.

Your go-to comfort dinner and dessert?

Comfort dinner has to be roast chicken, lots of garlic and lemon, well rested and served with simple roast potatoes.  I love Fosse Farm chickens.

Pudding has to be apple tart tartin – hard to beat, harder to make and even harder to work off!

Your favourite lockdown watch – series/film?

My wife, Vicki, and I managed to watch all of the Tin Star season one, an episode a day for a few weeks.  It was joyful with a glass of wine…love Tim Roth.

Where are you going to eat as soon as you are able?

Afternoon tea at Brown’s Hotel.  I’m lucky that I can make most foods we want to eat at home but there is no way I am going to rustle up a proper afternoon tea!  Then my mum’s roast – with my parents who I haven’t seen for way too long.

What’s your favourite cookery book?

Forgotten Cookery by Darina Allen.

What job did you do before you were a chef?

I started work in a kitchen the May after I left school but before that I had worked from a young age as a paperboy, a milkman, a window cleaner and started a car cleaning business with my mates.  I’ve always liked working.

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