By Alannah Wiseman | Spring 2021

Q&A with Ben Tish of Norma Restaurant London

As part of our Seasoned Pros campaign we caught up with head chef of Norma London Ben Tish, to find out how he went from his family’s amusement arcade to working at the Ritz…

When did you know you wanted to be a chef?

At 18, I moved to London to start working at the Ritz – I hated it for the first year and then something clicked – I knew that was going to be the rest of my life- age 19!

Top 3 things you can’t be without in the kitchen?

Maldon Salt, lemons, extra virgin olive oil…

Your go to comfort dinner and dessert?

Indian food is a passion either homemade or takeaway –  Dessert would have to be really good cheese cake – I love both set and baked and the thicker the base the better.

Your favourite lockdown watch – series/film?

Better Call Saul (realise I’m late to the party with that one)

Where are you going to eat as soon as we are able to?


What’s your favourite recipe book?

Moro – the cook book by Sam and Sam Clarke.

What’s a job you did before you were a chef?

I worked for my dad in his amusement arcade – giving out change, hoovering and polishing.

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