By Alannah Wiseman | Spring 2021

Q&A with Helen Graham of Bubala Restaurant London

As part of our Seasoned Pros campaign we caught up with head chef of Bubala London Helen Graham to find out when she knew she wanted to be a chef, Selling Sunset and where she’ll be going to eat as soon as we are able to!

When did you know you wanted to be a chef?

At University when me and my friends would play Come Dine With Me – I got so into it, I forgot to hand in an essay! I was hooked.

Top 3 things you can’t be without in the kitchen?

Maldon, Sumac, Lemons.

Your go to comfort dinner and dessert?

Parmigiana & a tiramisu!

Your favourite lockdown watch – series/film?

Selling Sunset – I’m not ashamed.

Where are you going to eat as soon as we are able to?

I’ve no idea, I feel so overwhelmed by the choice! Probably Smoking Goat or Koya.

What’s your favourite recipe book?

Every Grain of Rice by Fushia Dunlop – it really helped me to understand a whole new cuisine and open my eyes to a different way of cooking and seasoning.

What’s a job you did before you were a chef?

I used to work at a fancy chocolate shop on the counter – it was torture!

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