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Sabrina Ghayour’s salted brown sugar and spice pineapples with sweet yogurt, lime zest and chilli Recipe

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Serving: 4

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Sabrina Ghayour’s spiced pineapple and sweet yogurt served on a wooden plate next to a tub of Maldon Salt


1 large ripe pineapple, skin on, cut lengthways into quarters

4 tbsp brown/golden granulated sugar (not caster/demerara/soft brown)

1 tsp ground cinnamon

4 cardamom pods, seeds extracted and ground down to a powder

150g Greek yogurt

2 tbsp icing sugar

Zest of an unwaxed lime

1 long red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped

A good handful of fresh mint leaves, rolled and cut into ribbons

A pinch of Maldon Salt


This summer we are proud to partner with Weber BBQ to bring you a series of summer inspired recipes from Sabrina Ghayour and Genevieve Taylor. Both chef’s will take you on a journey on how to cook tasty dishes from the use of a BBQ, sharing their methods and top tips for grilling.

Chef Sabrina Ghayour showcases a middle eastern dessert that focuses on the humble pineapple, coated in a salted brown sugar and spice mix. The recipe masterfully combines the sweet, tartness of the pineapple with the richness of brown sugar and chilli heat. When grilled, the coating will start to caramelize, turning a deep amber colour with a caramel-like taste. This is elevated further through adding a pinch of Maldon Salt, as the sea salt flakes will enhance the sweetness of the sugar and spice mix, and counteract the bitterness from the caramelized edges.

The pineapple is then topped with a velvety, sweet yogurt with a burst of lime zest and a few final sprinklings of chilli flakes to create the perfect harmony of sweet and spicy.

If you do not have access to a BBQ, you can use a simple cooking pan instead which is to be placed on top of you stove. You will still get the same end results, however you won’t get the authentic char taste from cooking on an open flame, which caramelized the sugar and spice mix beautifully.

Here is how to make salted brown sugar and spice pineapples…

  1. Remove the tough central core from the wedges of pineapple by cutting them away lengthways into pineapple wedges.
  2. Mix the cinnamon, cardamom, brown sugar and Maldon Salt in a small bowl.
  3. Use half the mixture and sprinkle onto the side of each of the pineapple wedges.
  4. Place on the BBQ on medium heat.
  5. Grill for about 7-10 minutes or until they are nicely charred.
  6. Begin sprinkling the remaining half of the mixture over the exposed pineapple before turning them over to char one last final time.

How to make the sweet yogurt…

  1. Mix the Greek yogurt together with icing sugar, lime zest.
  2. Plate up pineapple wedges and drizzle with yogurt or dolloped around each wedge.
  3. Sprinkle with chilli, Maldon Salt and fresh mint ribbons and serve.

What side dishes go well with this dessert?

What is more perfect than pairing this decadent, grilled fruit dessert than with a scoop of creamy ice cream! Our homemade ice cream recipe has a delicious blackcurrant ripple going through it, which compliments the zesty burst of flavours from the pineapple.

If you are looking for a fancy tipple to drink alongside this dish, we recommend our spicy mango and jalapeno margarita. The perfect balance of spiciness from the jalapeno with the gentle sweetness of the mango, which compliments the grille pineapple’s tang! Eaten and drunk together will instantly make you feel like you are on holiday!

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