Autumn 2021

Salty Dog

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Serving: 1

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Salty dog with Tanqueray


1 Tbsp Maldon Salt

50ml Tanqueray 10 gin

100ml Pink grapefruit juice

Slice of grapefruit to garnish


A salty dog is known to date back to the 1920s and consists of salt, gin and grapefruit juice – if you omit the salt rim then it is known as a Greyhound. It is refreshing, classic and simple.

Place the Maldon salt onto a small, flat plate. Run some of the fresh grapefruit around the rim of a tall highball glass. Turn the glass upside down into the salt and turn it so the salt sticks to the edge of the rim.

Carefully fill the glass with ice. Pour in the Tanqueray Gin and then fill the glass with the grapefruit juice, gently stir. Garnish with a slice of fresh pink grapefruit.

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