By Hermione Cole | Summer 2023

The Merchants Range, Selected by Maldon

Maldon Salt have been proud markers and merchants of salt since 1882. Our passion to create and celebrate great taste and bringing delicious new products to the tables has driven to the launch of a new range…The Merchants Range.

Selected by Maldon’s master salt merchants, who for four generations have been making and sourcing exceptional salts and seasonings, we proudly introduce to you the first two NEW salts from this range: Himalayan Pink Salt and Kalahari Desert Salt, Selected by Maldon.

Himalayan Pink Salt, Selected by Maldon

Himalayan Pink Salt is an established trend, that until now has lacked a premium player with a quality product who are able to educate people on it’s usage.

This pink coarse rock is sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas which has been prized for centuries. It’s beautiful pink colour stems from trace elements, concentrated in certain parts of the mine. These differences allow the salt to have a range of colours, from deep to pale pink.

Notably, Himalayan Pink Salt is a quality rock salt that has versatile uses for professional chefs who are looking for special ingredients to elevate their cooking. It is also perfect for cooking authentic recipes from the region. It can be used by adding to curries and sauces whole, or can be put in your grinder for everyday use.

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Kalahari Desert Salt, Selected by Maldon

Selected by our seasoned experts, this naturally coarse salt has been harvested from the vast desert plains of the Kalahari, South Africa.

Sourced from the naturally occurring underground salt lake in the desert, the salt is broken down by water, leaving an impressive brine solution that the desert’s sun dries. This leaves the salt to contain essential minerals and trace elements.

We recommend using Kalahari Desert Salt for barbecues, particularly with meat to enhance it’s flavour. You can also use it for baking breads to gradually release the saltiness.

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