Winter 2021

Fig Bellini Cocktail

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Serving: 1 person

Glass of fig bellini between bottle of gin and box of Maldon Sea Salt


New Maldon Sea Salt Flakes packaging green SEA SALT FLAKES 125g

25ml Villa Ascenti

20ml Lemon Juice

A Pinch of Maldon Salt

1 tbsp Fig Jam


To Garnish: Dried Orange and Lemon Slices


Join us in creating our delicious Bellini cocktail; infused with the wintery flavours of sweet, fig jam with an added kick of zest and fizz through the use of lemon juice and prosecco. Head over to our Fig Jam recipe to make your very own fruit preserve in the comfort of your home. Homemade jam tastes much better than store bought due to the rich nutrients that your garden soil can bring, with also being a much healthier alternative due to having less sugar content than the usual store bought versions.

The origins of the renowned Bellini is believed to have come from the mid 1930-1940s, where Giuseppe Cipriani based in Italy, (founder of Harry’s Bar), named the drink after it’s striking ‘sunset’ colour in which reminded him of the paintings by Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini! This is why we use the flavoursome fig jam in our Bellini, as not only does it give a delectable, rich taste to the drink, it also gives a vibrant, peach colour which will ‘wow’ your guests as you serve them this tipple.

  1. Add the ingredients into a shaker with plenty of ice, securing the lid or shaker tin tightly.
  2. Shake with both hands until well chilled in a vigorous motion, horizontally over your shoulder. You will know you have shaken well when the shaker starts to frost up from the outside.
  3. Strain your cocktail into a chilled glass with ice.
  4. To finish, add a small pinch of Maldon Salt to enhance the sweet flavour of the fig jam.
  5. Garnish the cocktail with dried orange and lemon slices.

Do you enjoy making cocktails?

You can find our Cocktail Club series with the talented Christie Knight on our YouTube Channel. The series includes how to make cocktail classics such as the Bloody Mary, to unique alcohol-free tipples including the Negroni.

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