By Hermione Cole | Summer 2022

In Collaboration with Anspach & Hobday

We’re delighted to have partnered with South London based brewery, Anspach & Hobday for a unique collaboration in celebration of our 140th birthday.

The team at A&H, led by co-founders Jack Hobday and Paul Anspach, have been creating new wave, craft beer since 2013. Alongside their classic core range, they create pleasing experimental beers and bespoke collaborations, pouring quality into everything they do. This month sees the launch of their Sea Salt & Lime Gose brewed with Maldon Salt

As we enjoy a wonderfully warm summer season in the UK, the talented team at Anspach & Hobday decided to focus on citrus and sour flavour notes to create a refreshing drink. Using their learnings from the last few years, they added lime zest and lime juice towards the end of the fermentation, producing a high acidity with the beautiful flavour of lime brought to the fore by Maldon’s salt.

Fermented with Philly Sour yeast, this brilliant dual-purpose yeast produces a fantastic soft sour during fermentation eliminating the need for kettle sour and delivering a wonderful balance. 

“We’ve always enjoyed using salt in beer,” says Paul Anspach, Co-Founder and Head of Production at A&H: “Whether in styles where you would typically expect it such as Goses or in experimental and progressive styles such as chilli & chocolate Stouts. As well as adding salinity, salt can really enhance the other flavours of a beer, as indeed it does when used in food.

Obviously when one thinks of high-quality sea salt only one name comes to mind, and the Maldon Salt used in this beer really helps the sharp, citrusy notes of the lime to punch through.”

The Sea Salt & Lime Gose is available on the Anspach & Hobday webshop:

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