By Hermione Cole | Autumn 2023

New Flavoured Sea Salts

Maldon Chilli and Garlic packs 100g
Maldon Chilli and Garlic Sea Salt 100g pack

New Garlic and Chilli Sea Salts are the latest additions to the Maldon Salt flavoured range – available now!

Maldon Salt have been makers and merchants of salt since 1882. Our passion to create and celebrate great taste has driven the creation of two new delicious, flavoured sea salts.

We are proud to introduce Garlic Sea Salt – expertly blended using our hand-harvested Maldon Sea Salt flakes with wild and roasted garlic, and Chilli Sea Salt – our world famous flakes blended with Aleppo pepper and bird’s eye chillies.

Maldon Chilli Smoked Garlic and Original Sea Salt Flakes
Maldon Chilli, Smoked, Garlic and Original Sea Salt Flakes

The two new flavoured salts join the existing Smoked Sea Salt as part of the flavoured range, perfect for those who like to get creative in the kitchen and mix their own flavoured salts, combining Maldon Sea Salt flakes with herbs & spices to enhance the flavour of dishes. If you are a time pressured home cook, the new salts are ideal for those wanting to add flavour in a quick way to elevate their everyday cooking.

The new flavoured salts have been created to be versatile, adding a creative twist to a range of dishes whilst having a combination of premium herbs and spices to make your taste buds sing!

Maldon Garlic Sea Salt

Our Garlic Sea Salt has a wonderfully fragrant taste that is perfect for a host of recipes, such as Garlic & Tarragon Chicken, buttery new potatoes or a tear and share garlic bread.

The wild garlic blend has a distinctive flavour of garlic, being slightly lighter and less pungent in taste to garlic cloves. The addition of roasted garlic gives off a gentle sweetness and nuttier flavour to the salt.

Available to purchase on Amazon and Ocado.

Maldon Chilli Sea Salt

Our Chilli Sea Salt offers a spicy aromatic taste that is great on poached eggs and avocado, with spicy prawns or on the rim of a margarita!

Aleppo pepper, also known as halaby pepper, is made of red, mild chilli flakes with a complex flavour profile that brings a fruity, tangy and gentle level of spice to the blend. We combine the mix with bird’s eye chilli to bring both a sweetness and a gradual level of spice to make the sea salt have a fiery kick.

Available to purchase on Amazon.

The Maldon Salt Range

Full Range Shot
The Maldon Salt Range

As proud makers and merchants of salt since 1882 and known for our quality sea salt around the world, we are regarded as trusted seasoning advisors*.

These two exciting new flavoured salts really do offer fantastic flavour at your fingertips and now with our extended flavoured range there are even more ways to seize the seasoning and elevate your dishes everyday.

Make sure you have your flavoured Maldon Sea Salt ready! If you are running out, please feel free to browse on our Where to Buy Page to find your nearest store in which stocks our beloved sea salt flakes.

Lastly, we LOVE seeing your creations – please tag us on Instagram using the #maldonsalt so we can share your own culinary masterpieces!

*Source: Relish consumer insight February 2021. ** YouGov survey December 2021

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