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Nomadic Dinners Smoky Cedar Planked Trout with Smashed Potatoes and Foragers Salad

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New Maldon Sea Salt Flakes packaging orange SMOKED SEA SALT FLAKES 125g

1 tsb Maldon Smoked Sea Salt flakes

1 tsb olive oil

1 whole trout loin

Handful of freshly picked nettles, blanches in water

1 cedar plank soaked in water, the night before


This recipe was created by Nomadic Dinners, who run immersive woodland feasts as an alternative way of dining. Nomadic welcome you all to dine amongst ancient oak trees, starlit skies and a roaming wildfire in a hidden woodland setting unlike any other. It’s an opportunity to explore a connection with the world around us; where new friendships are foraged around a shared table.

Their ethos remains the same: using food and nature as a catalyst to bring people close together.

You can book a seat for one of their many Woodland Feasts today! Join in to experience a restaurant without walls and no boundaries, where food is a universal language and the story of their Woodland is shown through the dishes that they serve you.

Smoky Cedar Planked Trout Recipe

Cedar planked trout is one of Nomadic’s favourite springtime recipes to grill outdoors at Nomadic Dinners and is a real showstopper if you are looking to up your barbeque game to the next level.

This particular version has a springtime twist using bright green fresh nettle tips to layer over the cedar that combined with Maldon Smoked Sea Salt create a deep earthy flavour and the unmistakable aroma of the great outdoors.

  1. Soak your cedar plank overnight ensuring it is fully immersed. If you can’t be bothered or forget, give it a good soak an hour before. This stops it catching fire and creates more smoke for the fish when it cooks
  2. Blanch nettles in water to get rid of the stingers and layer on top of the board. Layer your trout over the top. Add sliced lemon. Nail in down end to end so it doesn’t flop over. Massage with olive oil, add Maldon Smoked Sea Salt flakes.  
  3. Place the cedar plank on the BBQ at a 45 degree angle set far back from the flame so it cooks slowly and wait for the translucent skin to gradually change colour to a beautiful rose colour. Remember to cook to temperature not to time. It will become apparent when the trout is ready (don’t worry about burnt ends, these are delicious).
  4. Nomadic serves this trout dish with a simple foragers salad of hairy bittercress, sorrel, chicory and young spinach leaves, freshly grated horseradish and bonfire potatoes in wild garlic but this fish is so versatile it can pair with almost anything. 
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