Summer 2022


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Serving: 4 people



350g Short pasta

150g Cherry tomatoes

1 bag of mini Mozzarella balls

16 Black olives

8 Anchovy fillets in oil

2 tbsp Chopped toasted pistachios or pine nuts

16 Capers

¼ Medium red onion

4 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

4 Sprigs of fresh basil with small leaves

A pinch of Maldon Salt

Black pepper


This simple yet delicious pasta salad is easy to make, perfect for the hot summer months when craving for something light but packed full of flavour.

  1. Wash, dry and chop the tomatoes into eighths, place them in a salad bowl and season with Maldon Salt and pepper.
  2. Add the drained mozzarella balls, olives, capers and chopped onion and drizzle with olive oil. Drain the anchovies and add to the mix. Wash and dry the basil and then remove the leaves from the stem.
  3. Cook the pasta al dente in plenty of salted water, according to the instructions on the packet, then drain and cool under cold running water. Once fully drained, mix the pasta in with the rest of the ingredients in the salad bowl.
  4. To plate up, place the anchovies on top, sprinkle on the pistachios and basil leaves and serve at room temperature.
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