By Hermione Cole | Winter 2023

Supporting Every Child Online

PDQ IT Support

In October 2023, Maldon Salt were going to dispose of a surplus amount of IT equipment that was no longer in use to employees. As a company, we are proud to support a variety of important charities around the UK, so we were keen to donate the kit to an establishment that could reuse the equipment and enjoy for future years.

A simple Google search for charities who reuse kit from companies led us to the wonderful charity, Every Child Online.

Every Child Online is a start-up charity based in Basildon Essex, whose goal is to help close the digital divide and help play a significant role in ending digital poverty. Their mission is to improve the online and digital education of children and young people. Since the start of their mission, they have received over 12,000 donated laptops and PCs from companies and the public across the UK. To this day, Every Child Online has received refurbished and donated 3.5 million pounds worth of devices to schools and other charitable organisations supporting underprivileged children and young adults.

Impressed by their ethos and work, we called Every Child Online to announce that we had a high amount of kit that was no longer in use and willing to give away. They were very welcoming to the kit donation, and within a few days we joined forces with PDQ IT Support to ensure that the kit was completely wiped out and ready to be used!

Every Child Online collected the kit, in which they do their own system wipe out as an additional layer of data protection, before reconfiguring and distributing across the UK to children and young people in need.

It’s important to recognise that whilst the kit may not be suitable for a corporate environment, it is certainly needed by schools and children. Most classrooms often just need a web browser to get them online to be able to use platforms such as Google Classroom. This can be achieved with a much older kit (like the ones we have donated), with simple configured systems/applications. This can provide a second lease of life and help a lot of children and organisations that need a laptop or PC.

To conclude, we ask on behalf of Every Child Online that UK companies, IT managers and individuals to please consider donating your old surplus PCs and laptops. If you’re planning to upgrade your IT equipment, or maybe if you are a business with shelves full of older PCs, laptops and monitors, don’t hesitate to contact.

Every Online Child provides professional and secure ITAD services to hundreds of UK businesses. They accept devices with or without hard drives and of all ages. In addition to repurposing your old technology, any broken or unusable devices are harvested for spare parts or broken down and fully recycled. Click here for details about their refurbishment services

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