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Loved by chefs the world over

Chefs everywhere love to get inspired by Maldon. The distinctive taste allows them to be creative to their heart’s content. Many are introduced to Maldon during their training, and it soon becomes their one and only choice.


Meet the newest addition to the Maldon range. The same premium quality salt flakes loved by chefs the world over, with the convenience of a 100% recyclable, re-sealable tub in a size to suit smaller kitchens. It’s the perfect fit for busy street food operators, delis and high street cafés.

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All good things don’t necessarily come in small packages. We also cater for more spacious kitchens, in the shape of our bigger format options. Same great salt but, well, much more of it at your fingertips – with less chance of you running out.
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Where to get your hands on Maldon

Contact us for details of your local quality foodservice stockists.

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The Craft Guild

Maldon are privileged to be a partner of the Craft Guild of Chefs – the leading chefs’ association in the UK with members worldwide. No other association boasts such a broad and experienced membership. As a partner, we share the guild’s vision of inspiring chefs to become members as innovative and creative professionals.
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