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Warm Cured Scottish Salmon, Cucumber, Pickle, Dill By Lisa Goodwin-Allen

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Salt cure ingredients:

15g sugar

15g Himalayan Pink Salt, Selected by Maldon

1 lemon, zested

2g coriander seed

2g fennel seed

Warm cured salmon ingredients:

250g salmon loin, skin off

Salmon cure (ingredients above)

Champagne sauce ingredients:

150g fish stock (turbot stock)

50g butter

85g crème fraiche (French Montebourg)

50g shallots, finely sliced

70g Champagne

Dill oil ingredients:

200g dill

50g spinach

400ml sunflower oil

A pinch of Maldon Salt

20g cucumber, diced

20g gherkin, diced


Salmon cavier



Join Michelin-star Chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen in creating the perfect starter for your dinner party! Warm cured Scottish Salmon, which is made from using our brand-new Himalayan Pink Salt, Selected by Maldon.

This is the dish to make if you want to really impress your guests this evening. Paired with fresh cucumber, pickle and dill, your taste buds will be singing as you serve up this dish.

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Salt cure:

  1. Begin making the salt cure by blending all the ingredients until combined. Set aside.

Warm cured salmon:

  1. Next, begin making the warm cured salmon.
  2. Evenly cover the salmon loin with the salt cure, then wrap in clingfilm.
  3. Leave to rest for about 40 minutes to let it cure.
  4. Remove from the clingfilm and wash off the salt cure from the salmon, patting dry with a jay cloth.
  5. Re-roll the salmon in clingfilm tight.
  6. Cook on 38°c steam for 30 minutes.
  7. Chill immediately, then cut in to 4 even portions.
  8. To reheat, place back in the steamer or drop into a bath of olive oil and lemon at 52°c for 5/6 minutes.
  9. Remove and plate on a dish.

Champagne sauce:

  1. To make the champagne sauce, sweat the shallots in the butter for 3-4 minutes until soft, no colour.
  2. Add the champagne and reduce until it forms a jam-like consistency. The liquid should start to coat the shallots.
  3. Once reduce, add the crème fraiche, butter and fish stock.
  4. Bring to the boil. Once boiled, place into a blender and blend until smooth. Pass through a fine sieve and season with Maldon Salt.
  5. Finish with a splash of champagne to serve.

Dill Oil:

  1. Chop through the dill with a knife before putting in a thermomixer with the sunflower oil and spinach. Blend at speed 6 for 6 minutes at 70c.
  2. Hang in a tammy cloth over a bowl to drip clear.
  3. Once finished, pour into a small bowl. Add into the diced cucumber and gherkins to to the oil. Mix together gently and season with a little pinch of Maldon Salt.

To plate:

  1. Put a good spoon full of the dill oil mixture into the centre of the bowl.
  2. Place the warm salmon on top.
  3. Foam and spoon around with the hot Champagne sauce.
  4. Garnish with salmon caviar and dill.
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