By Alannah Wiseman | Autumn 2021

In conversation with Kate Jackson from Ketelone Vodka

As part of our cocktail campaign we caught up with Kate Jackson, drinks Ambassador for Ketelone Vodka on her top tips for creating extraordinary cocktails and what it’s like working in the drinks world.

Kate Jackson

Here’s Kate’s top tips for creating an extraordinary Espresso Martini

Great quality salt is a must, like Maldon. The sea salt flakes dissolve quickly and work to enhance all the ingredients. Whereas table salt has a harsh and not a pleasant taste, which then becomes the dominant flavour.
-The Sodium helps to stimulate tastebuds!
-Salt reduces bitterness & enhances sweetness so for an Espresso martini, if you have found the fresh coffee is on the bitter side, use a little salt! Maldon smoked salt is a wonderful combination to go with the deep rich tones of an Espresso Martini.
-The harder you shake your Espresso Martini the better foam you get guaranteed!

Kate Jackson Espresso Martini
Kate’s Espresso Martini with Smoked Salt

Kate’s recipe

35ml Ketel One Vodka, try the Orange flavour!
35ml freshly brewed coffee (the longer you leave it, the more bitter it will be)
25ml Coffee liqueur & a pinch of Maldon


What’s your favourite thing about working in the drinks industry?
There are many things I love about this industry but the sense of community is amazing. Especially after past last year or so, the ability to help each other, support each other & the creativity.

If you could be sipping on a cocktail anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Somewhere near a beach! I love the sea, most likely Jamaica with a Pina Colada in my hand. Maldon sea salt is great in a pina colada to work with the sweetness.

Your favourite bar you’ve ever visited?
Employees Only was a super night when I visited a few years ago, the energy of the team was amazing & the music was great.
Locally for me, Hacha Agaveria in London. I love the Agave spirits category, the atmosphere is always relaxed, you feel like you are in your friends living room & again the music is always on point.

1 Cocktail for the rest of your life, what is it?
This is hard because your tastebuds desire so many flavours, if ONLY ONE choice, the Bloody Mary but really it can be so diverse. Substitute the tomato juice for a carrot or a green juice, endless variations of spices.

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