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What is garlic salt and how best to use it?

Maldon Garlic Sea Salt
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Maldon Salt has released a new flavoured salt…Garlic Sea Salt! In this article we explore what garlic salt is and how it is different from your regular salts and seasonings.

After this, we delve into the different uses of garlic salt and how it can simplify the cooking process when making a meal. With tummies sure to be rumbling, we end things by looking at what recipes go well with garlic salt and sharing our personal favourite dishes that you can make during the week.

Garlic Sea Salt Flakes

What is garlic salt?

Garlic salt is a blend of ground garlic and sea salt flakes or kosher salt. Maldon Garlic Sea Salt is a combination of our hand-harvested sea salt flakes mixed with roasted and wild garlic for delicious fragrant taste. The ratio is usually three parts salt to one part grounded garlic.

The premium blend of ingredients easily elevates the flavours of your creations, adding a delightful garlicky twist to every bite. With the combination of our unique pyramid-shaped crystals, Maldon Garlic Sea Salt provides an irresistible crunch with a burst of fresh intensity.

What is the difference between garlic salt and garlic powder?

As MasterClass states, ‘garlic salt and garlic powder are ground garlic, but the critical difference is salt’.

Garlic powder, also known as ground garlic, is dehydrated garlic that has been grounded continuously until it forms a powder-like consistency. The fine consistency allows the powder to disintegrate quickly into a dish. Due to the small, granule size of garlic powder, it is known to be the most concentrated and pungent of garlic flavours. In contrast, garlic salt is grinded garlic with sea salt added to the mixture. The typical ratio of salt to garlic is 3:1, having a gentle flavour of garlic in comparison to garlic powder.

If you are looking to enhance the flavour of your dish while wanting to include salt, garlic salt is a fantastic substitute for garlic powder! Garlic powder can be over-powering at times due to being solely comprised of dehydrated garlic, whereas garlic salt is ideal when you want to add a gentle hint of garlic to your dish. This is because garlic salt is a combination of both garlic powder and sea salt flakes, causing the garlic flavour to be less intense than garlic powder or granules. You can use garlic salt in any recipe that is calling for both salt and garlic.

As a result, if you are wanting a milder garlic flavour in your dishes, garlic salt is your go-to! Please make sure to take your daily salt intake into consideration when using this product- we recommend using garlic salt slowly to your dishes to ensure you are not over-salting when using this iconic, time-saving product.

Salt Racking Shot

How is garlic salt made, and what sets it apart from regular salt?

Our garlic sea salt flakes are made using our much-loved sea salt flakes, expertly blended with wild and roasted garlic.

We harvest the seawater from the Blackwater Estuary in Maldon, Essex, during the Spring tide, where through a perfected art in the temperature and timing, the brine solution in the salt pans is evaporated. This is where we hand-harvest the naturally formed pyramid-shaped crystals that has become Maldon’s signature for over 140 years.

This artisanal method is still used today, where our salt makers use the same time-honoured techniques with skilled hands poised over every small batch made. You can find out more where Maldon Sea Salt comes from and how it is made on our YouTube channel or through Marcus Wareing, where he visits Maldon to learn about salt making on Tales from a Kitchen Guide.

Once the salt has been harvested, we then professionally blend the sea salt flakes with premium wild and roasted garlic to provide a delicious garlic taste that has a sweet, nutty and rich undertones to it. No other additives or preservatives are added the Maldon Garlic Sea Salt, being an anti-cacking free product.

This makes it different from a regular salt, as there is an added ‘oomph’ to the flavouring of the flakes, making it ideal for when you are wanting to enhance the taste of a dish without having to use more seasoning products.


Best uses for garlic salt

Garlic salt is a quick way to enhance the flavour of any dish. Most home chefs mix their own flavoured salts already, combining Maldon Sea Salt Flakes with herbs and spices to add oomph to their food. For more time pressured cooks, a flavoured salt like Garlic Sea Salt is a much quicker and more efficient way to boost the flavour in their cooking!

You can use garlic salt on any savoury dish where both the taste for a garlicky flavour and fresh intensity of salt is required.

Kale salad


If there’s a recipe requiring garlic cloves or fresh, minced garlic, you can easily substitute this for garlic salt instead. For example, stir-frying vegetables with garlic salt will add both a fresh intensity from the sea salt flakes, whilst adding a comforting flavour of wild and roasted garlic to the dish.


Garlic salt is perfect for seasoning dishes. You can use the flavoured salt as a dry rub or marinade for meats. Take our delicious Garlic and Tarragon Chicken, where we use Maldon Garlic Sea Salt in the stock to give a beautiful hint of garlic as it seeps into the tender chicken legs.

Radicchio salad


You can create flavourful dressings for salads with the simple addition of garlic salt instead of having to mince your own garlic, (which can be highly time-consuming!) Our classic radicchio salad can be elevated further with the use of garlic salt with it’s citrus dressing. Lemon brings a kick of acidity to the dish, while garlic adds a warming, savoury flavour. The duo is a match-made-in-heaven for the salad and will certainly make you go up for seconds.

Recipes using Garlic Sea Salt

New Potatoes with Garlic Salt

Creamy, tender, and full of flavour, new potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. This recipe only uses four ingredients, with the main star being Maldon Garlic Sea Salt.

Tear and Share Garlic Bread

What’s not to love about freshly baked garlic bread?! Deliciously golden and crispy with an irresistibly soft and spongy centre. Maldon Garlic Sea Salt flakes is used to add extra garlicky flavour to the dish, providing notes of wild and roasted garlic to make your taste buds sing as you take in your first bite.

Maldon Chilli, Smoked and Garlic Salt

To Conclude…

Garlic Sea Salt is a versatile product that can enhance any dish, every day. Ideal for creatives and time-pressured cooks who want to add oomph to their cooking.

You can purchase our flavoured range on Amazon and direct retailers now.

  • Maldon Garlic Sea Salt – Available to purchase on Amazon and Ocado.
  • Maldon Chilli Sea Salt – Available to purchase on Amazon.
  • Maldon Smoked Sea Salt – Available to purchase at Sainsburys.

Make sure you have your Maldon Salt ready when making any of these recipes! If you are running out, please feel free to browse our Where to Buy Page to find your nearest store that stocks our beloved Maldon Salt.

Lastly, we LOVE seeing your creations – please tag us on Instagram using the #maldonsalt so we can share your own culinary masterpieces!

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