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Garlic Salt Ricotta with Spring Peas on Toast By Hannah Wilding

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Maldon Garlic Sea Salt 100g GARLIC SEA SALT FLAKES 100g

90g peas, fresh if you can get them, frozen will work just as well

100g ricotta cheese

1 lemon

A good pinch of Maldon Garlic Sea Salt

Sourdough or bread of choice

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to serve


This dish celebrates the simple – the simplicity of Spring – flavours and ingredients that are light, fresh and a little bit zingy. This is more of a concept than a strict recipe – heavily inspired by @anchovytrevor –  but that’s the beauty of using minimal but great ingredients that sing well together. What I love about new Maldon Garlic Sea Salt is the addition of wild garlic! Not only do the little flecks look BEAUTIFUL alongside the salty pyramids we all know and love, but it adds a real depth to the garlicky flavour, contrasting oh so beautifully with the creamy, lemony ricotta and sweet peas.

Hannah Wilding

Here is how to make the recipe

  1. Blanch the peas in a pan of boiling salted water for just a couple minutes until tender.
  2. To a mixing bowl, add the ricotta, zest of the whole lemon and a good pinch of Maldon Garlic Sea Salt and whip to a soft and pillow consistency.
  3. Toast your bread. Slather the whipped ricotta onto the toast and tumble over the peas. Finish with a good drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cracked black pepper.
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