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Loaded Bloody Mary

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Serving: 2 people

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Spicy Loaded Bloody Mary


Maldon Chilli Sea Salt 100g CHILLI SEA SALT FLAKES 100g

2 rashers of streaky bacon

2 large shell-on prawns

2 sticks of celery, trimmed

2 cherry tomatoes

2 cornichon

2 green olives

½ lemon

Maldon Chilli Sea Salt


100ml vodka

400ml spiced tomato juice

Cracked black pepper

Splash of tabasco (optional)

Splash of Worcestershire sauce (optional)


What is a Loaded Bloody Mary?

Elevate your weekend brunches with a fully loaded Bloody Mary recipe that promises a burst of flavour in every sip. A loaded Bloody Mary is an elevated version of the classic cocktail that enhances the basic blend of vodka, tomato juice, and seasonings with an array of savoury and sometimes spicy extras. Infused with Maldon Chilli Sea Salt, each glass features a tantalizing chilli sea salt rim that perfectly compliments the robust Bloody Mary mix. Garnished with crispy, candied bacon, shrimp, green olives, cornichons or pickles and a lemon wedge, this cocktail is a feast for the eyes and the palate! Get ready to impress your guests with a drink that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious.

How to Make a Fully Loaded Bloody Mary

A fully loaded Bloody Mary is an elaborate version of the classic cocktail that includes
not just the standard ingredients but also a variety of garnishes and extras, making it
almost a meal in itself.
For a truly over-the-top brunch experience, transform your loaded Bloody Mary into a
fully loaded masterpiece! You can follow the same basic steps outlined previously but
with some additional flair:

  • Get Creative with Garnishes: Think beyond the celery stick. Consider skewers with olives, pickled vegetables, or even mini mozzarella balls. Sliders, mini quiches, or even a small grilled cheese can add a hearty touch.
  • Spice it Up (or Down): For a kick, add a dollop of sriracha or horseradish to the glass. Jalapeno slices or pickled peppers can also add a spicy touch. If you prefer a milder version, skip the hot sauce and opt for a squeeze of fresh lemon.
  • Rim it Right: Elevate the presentation with a flavoured rim. We used Maldon Chilli Sea Salt flakes for a fiery kick. You can also try a celery salt mixture, a smoky paprika dust, or even a toasted sesame seed rim for a unique twist. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules with a loaded.

Here’s how to make a Loaded Bloody Mary…

  1. Place a large frying pan on the heat. Add the slices of streaky bacon and cook for 3 minutes on each side until crispy. Remove from the pan and set onto a plate with some kitchen paper to remove any excess oil.
  2. Turn the heat down in the pan slightly and then add the two large prawns. Cook these for a couple of minutes on each side until bright pink and cooked through. Remove these from the pan and set aside too.
  3. To assemble the bloody Mary’s start by creating the chilli salt rim for the glasses. Rub a little lemon juice around the top rim of each highball glass. Place some of the Maldon Chilli Sea Salt into a small plate and then turn the glass upside down onto the salt and press it in, so the salt sticks along the top.
  4. Fill each glass with ice. Then pour in a 50ml measure of vodka into each. Next pour in the spiced tomato juice to fill up the glass. We like to splash in some tabasco and Worcestershire sauce at this stage, but this is up to your taste.
  5. Finally garnish each glass with a stick of celery, some crispy bacon, a prawn, and a skewer with a cherry tomato, cornichon, and olive on. Drink and enjoy immediately.

What to serve with a Bloody Mary?

A cocktail is the best way to start a meal, especially if you’re having a Bloody Mary which packed full of delicious ingredients. We’ve listed below a few dishes that pair perfectly with this classic cocktail.

Prawn cocktail brioche rolls with Siracha and pickled cucumber

Prawn Cocktail Brioche Rolls

Because a Bloody Mary has a spicy kick to it, it compliments the mild, juicy prawns beautifully. The addition of the brioche bun also adds a gentle sweetness, balancing out the fiery pepperiness of the cocktail.

Cheese and Chive Croquettes

Dipping cheese in tomato sauce is a classic combination loved by many. Why don’t you transform this delicious pairing with Cheese and Chive Croquettes and a Bloody Mary mix instead. The zesty, peppery notes of the cocktail compliment the cheese and chive blend in the croquettes, made up of cheddar, greyer and mozzarella.

Bang Bang Cauli

Bang Bang Cauliflower

This is a great vegan and healthier alternative to cheese and chive croquettes. Cauliflower cooked bang-bang style provides a delicious crunch with every bite, which pairs with the silky smooth consistency of the Bloody Mary.

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