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Check out our premium sea salt flakes in action, in some of these stunning recipes created by us and friends of Maldon.

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Griddled Broccoli Wedges with Romesco Sauce

Lightly griddled broccoli wedges with a delicious Romesco sauce is the perfect side dish for your springtime banquet. The combination of sweet and...

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Nomadic Dinners Smoky Cedar Planked Trout with Smashed Potatoes and Foragers Salad

This recipe was created by Nomadic Dinners, who run immersive woodland feasts as an alternative way of dining. Nomadic welcome you all to...

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Layered Vegetable Picnic Pie

What is a picnic pie? As we head into Spring, many people turn to the outdoors to have a picnic. This is where...

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Pancake Stack with Caramelised Apples in a Salted Caramel Sauce

Why do we celebrate Pancake Day? Did you know Pancake Day is also referred to as Shrove Tuesday? It’s a traditional Christian festival...

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Chinese Pork Dumplings using Spicy Maldon Chilli Sea Salt

What is the Lunar New Year? The Lunar New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays in Chinese culture. It marks the...

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Maldon’s Cookbook Club with Jon Kung

We welcome the new year with a brand-new collaboration with Penguin Books and the incredibly talented Jon Kung! Jon Kung grew up as...

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Plants Taste Better by Chef Richard Buckley

As we celebrate ‘Healthy January’, we are delighted to team up with renowned Chef Richard Buckley and share one of our favourite vegetarian-based...

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Breakfast Loaf

High-Fibre Breakfast Loaf

Elevate your mornings with a slice of homemade breakfast loaf! This high-fibre breakfast loaf is loaded with succulent figs, sweet dates and a...

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Christmas Gravy

Roasted Fennel, Shallot and Sherry Gravy

The only get ahead gravy recipe you’ll need this Christmas! Prep this the day before using chicken wings and then there is no...

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Christmas Brisket

Festive Slow Cooked Pomegranate Beef Brisket

Looking for something to cook this Christmas that doesn’t involve a turkey? We’ve made a delicious slow cooked beef brisket, paired with pomegranates...

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Supporting Every Child Online

In October 2023, Maldon Salt were going to dispose of a surplus amount of IT equipment that was no longer in use to...

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Christmas Cranberry Sauce

Chilli, Orange and Cranberry Sauce

A twist on the classic cranberry sauce. Homemade cranberry sauce is so worth making, it’s unbelievably simple and tastes so much better than...

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Christmas Custard

Christmas Spiced Brandy Custard

Homemade custard is a thing of beauty, you could eat this straight with a spoon. Christmas spices such as brandy, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom,...

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Christmas Bread Sauce

Garlic and Rye Bread Sauce with Crispy Sage Oil

Bread sauce is a favourite at Christmas, but this one takes it to a whole new level. Using rye sourdough adds a nuttiness...

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BBQ Prawns, Lobster and Crayfish with Herb Butter & Siracha Mayonnaise

Lobster, prawns and crayfish are often considered delicacies for a special occasion, so this BBQ recipe with smoky siracha mayonnaise and herbed butter...

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