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Check out our premium sea salt flakes in action, in some of these stunning recipes created by us and friends of Maldon.

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Butternut Squash Pasta

Butternut Squash Paccheri with Sage and Chorizo

Paccheri is a type of pasta that is commonly shaped of a very large tube, with origins of this pasta being traced back...

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Metal mess tin containing noodles and peppers sits next to a small bow of spring onions, chopsticks, a glass of water and a copy of Bored of Lunch: The Healthy Slow Cooker Book.

Maldon’s Cookbook Club with Nathan Anthony

Maldon and Penguin Books welcomes February with open arms as we review this month’s talented home cook Nathan Anthony and his debut book,...

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Bao Buns

Pulled Pork Bao Buns

Bao (bow) Buns, also known as steamed buns, are thought to be derived within the Chinese culture as a filled version of ‘Mantou’,...

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Using Maldon Salt in Homemade Takeaway Recipes

Homemade Takeaway Ideas with Maldon Salt Do you feel like you are constantly spending money on takeaways recently? Why don’t you save your...

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Olia Hercules’ Leeks, Dark Greens and Feta Pie

The only thing that survived this winter’s frost in Olia’s garden was kale, so she is using it in anything and everything! Use...

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Dark Chocolate Torte

Adding Salt to Chocolate: A Love Story

Why is chocolate and salt a match made in heaven? Feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? We’ve been hanging around with Cupid recently,...

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Homemade Granola

Store-bought granola’s can be quite expensive these days – Why don’t you save your pennies and make your own! This recipe is packed...

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Air Fryer

Benefits of Air Fryer Cooking – Health, Cost & Energy

Is An Air Fryer Worth It? We Think So! Air fryer cooking has gone viral in recent months due to claims such as...

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Boldbean & Co

Spiced White Beans with Roasted Carrots and Crispy Kale

We’ve teamed up with our good friend’s Bold Bean & Co in creating a perfectly spiced bean dish, accompanied with sweet, slow roasted...

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Imogen sits at a green table taking a sip from a glass.

Making Punch with Imogen Davis, Co- Founder of Native

We recently caught up with the talented Imogen Davis, co-founder of Native restaurant, situated in London’s Mayfair. As previously noted in our article;...

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Xanthe Gladstone’s Garden Shakshuka

For this Shakshuka dish, I’m using eggs from my hens, and cooking it over live fire, but this can just as easily be...

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Xanthe Gladstone’s ‘Last of the Tomatoes’ Chutney

This sweet and sour chutney is made with a variety of home-grown tomatoes – I’m using un-ripened tomatoes, which are left behind at...

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Xanthe Gladstone’s Homemade Jam

Homemade jam using foraged fruit is a labour of love. This delicious, sweet spread is made with blackberries that I foraged during the...

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Olia Hercules’ Beetroot, Orange and Chicory Salad

This is salad is fresh and delicious. It can be casual and it looks amazing on a plate. This salad has all of...

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Xanthe Gladstone’s Cabbage Sauerkraut

Fermented food is great for your gut and this organic sauerkraut is such a treat to make and eat.

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