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Check out our premium sea salt flakes in action, in some of these stunning recipes created by us and friends of Maldon.

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Ben Tish's lamb recipe

Ben Tish’s Salt Crust Baked Lamb with Jersey Royals Potatoes

Join Ben Tish in creating the classic spring lamb with a twist! Salt crust baking is a great way to cook lamb –...

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Asparagus and eggs on toast topped with Aleppo pepper

Asparagus Ricotta Toast with Egg & Aleppo Pepper Recipe

We have teamed up with the talented Chef Ben Tish to create a British-loved classic with a twist – toast! This recipe is...

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Ben Tish sprinkles Maldon Salt onto his dish from shoulder height.

Q&A with Ben Tish of Norma Restaurant London

As part of our Seasoned Pros campaign we caught up with head chef of Norma London Ben Tish, to find out how he...

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Asparagus with wild garlic and lime

Helen Graham’s Asparagus with Wild Garlic & Preserved Lime

In this beautifully seasonal recipe, Maldon Salt is used to cure and preserve fresh limes which adds a really special mellow tang to...

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Spiced cookies

Helen Graham’s Spiced Cookies

I put Maldon Salt in all sweet dishes I make – it has a way of adding balance so nothing is ever overly...

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Helen stands smiling in front of a textured beige wall.

Q&A with Helen Graham of Bubala Restaurant London

As part of our Seasoned Pros campaign we caught up with head chef of Bubala London Helen Graham to find out when she...

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Spring green asparagus salad with wild garlic pesto

British Spring Salad

Let’s celebrate spring with a salad packed full of using the season’s delicious and vibrant produce, including jersey royal potatoes, asparagus and peas!...

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Spring galette

Galette Pastry Recipe

The classic galette. Ours is a deliciously golden, flaky pastry loaded with ricotta and spring vegetables including courgette, asparagus and fresh peas. Think...

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Slow cooked lamb

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

Preheat the oven to 200C. Make sure the lamb has come up to room temperature before cooking. Place the lamb shoulder into a...

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Choc cross buns

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Do you want to find out how to make the best hot cross buns? Well look no further – We’ve created a delicious...

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Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Hot Cross Buns Recipe

The perfect hot cross bun really does exist if you follow this recipe! Our delicious buns are super fluffy, incredibly flavoursome and acquire...

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Crispy turnip fries on plate with sour cream and chive dip

Baked Turnip Chips

You’re really missing out if you haven’t had a go at making these beautifully crispy Turnip Chips, which make a great alternative to...

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Olia Hercules Pilau Pie on plates on a table

Olia Hercules Pilau Pie

We tasked chef and best selling author Olia Hercules with creating a simple dish which tastes extraordinary! here’s the recipe for her pilau...

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Swede gnocchi on plate with sage leaves and grated parmesan

Swede gnocchi

Cut the swede into equal- sized chunks, drizzle with 2 tbsp of the oil, season and roast for 50 mins or until completely...

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Baked eggs with bacon and tomatoes

New York Brunch Baked Eggs

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